Friday, February 26, 2010

Our Dead Man Blend is always changing. Today we went over to Seven Seeds to sample the latest with a few different options. We've taken home 2 different blends to try out Sunday morning to see which one we like most. It's either blend A with equal parts Ethiopian Guji, Costa Rican Cafetin and Colombian San Sebastian or blend B with 2 parts each Sebastian & Cafetin and 1 part Guji. The Sebastian brings some caramel and bright notes to the blend, the higher end while the Cafetin offers a nice sweetness. The Guji is also quite sweet and gives the blend some big body with some nice lingering cocoa flavours. A standout bean this one!! I think I liked blend A, as the Guji did bring it all together and make it, not necessarily more balanced but more stronger?? But blend B did have a real nice sweetness to it. 
All 3 coffees are 'Relationship coffees". Both Mark or Bridget have been to all farms and love what they do. Come in Sunday morning and try out the new blend.

With the new menu, fingers crossed, will be ready by Monday, we will have some bloody tasty ready made sandwiches as well. Today we gave the Smoked chicken, carrot, apple, sultanas and Japanese Mayo a test run, which all sold, so this along with 4 others will be available daily from 11.00am...  Dead Man coffee and a Dead Man Sanga. Quick and bloody tasty. 
Here's another potential for the new menu. Smoked trout salad with celery, celeriac, beetroot, potato, carrot and a few other bits and pieces. Looks amazing, taste even better. 

Thanks JDiddy for putting together our Dead Man blend. We could not be in better hands than with one of the nicest and most respected guys in the industry. JDiddy, JTown, Juzzy, Justin, he goes by many alias's but he's solid as a rock, looking forward to those beers on the roof Sunday arvo, Juzzy! And with you too Toby, after your month long abstinence from booze. Crazy fool! What were you thinking. Now dare you to try coffee. 

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Apologies for the lack of posting as of late but we've been a bit busy with our newest staff member, Bowie. 
Dead Man Espresso won an award this week. Yehhhh!! Right On!!! Cheap Eats 2010 Best Communal Table. So cool. Designed by Jeremy Reynolds of Momentum Builders. If you flick back to our earlier posts, you'll see how excited we were when it finally arrived. Glad that it was appreciated. Thanks Cheap Eats. 

Also we've been working on a new menu. Hopefully finished by next week. Here's a couple of pics of some work in progress. These aren't yet finalised. We're merely playing around at the moment. 
Think we'll scale down this a bit... crumpets, salmon, avocado, mango....

Yesterday, asked a mate to come by and give his 2 cents worth. Always the Devils Advocado, (just joking) thanks heaps Andrew for some good feedback. Here's a French Toast that we were very happy with. It will undergo some minor tweaks, but man those olives, which look like dates but taste sweeter than dates... Yum (I mean olives, sorry i didn't know they could taste like that. Feel ignorant)

                                                             How to make Fig Jam.
                                                                 Phase 1: Pick figs from backyard

Phase 2:Give to mum

Phase 3: Fig jam

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

This weeks selection of singles are; from Seven Seeds Costa Rican Don Mayo " Villa Sarchi" and Panama Kayser. Both very stunning coffees.  

And from Small Batch are 

Ethiopian Sidamo, nice juicy berries, notably blueberry & one that Will here was excited about, Brazil Nossa Sen Hora De Fatima

And from Coffee Supreme the Colombian San Sebastian

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010

So, like, do you all know we've got free wireless internet. Well, like, we do. Supplied by these guys BizTechIt. Who are clearly bringing business technology together. Ever since we've had free wireless internet we've noticed a dramatic increase in productivity and definitely reduced costly overheads due to infrastructure downtime. Here at Dead Man we wanted our business to get the edge it needs, especially in a crowded marketplace and we're happy our business was taken to the next level...
"Oh man, this is way too much pressure" 
"Well Adam, you shouldn't have had 7 lattes"
Sorry Dave just messing around... Yes we got free wireless and it's very fast and reliable. Just ask us for the password. If Kylie likes you she will give it to you....
Alongside everyone's favourite Little Bertha, we are now focusing on making our own cakes. Below is a selection of our Dead Man's Tart; Raspberry, Blueberry & Strawberry. 

And a Dead Man's tart is not doing her job unless she's on the table with one of these...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Seven Seeds dropped off some new coffee today. Ethiopian Guji (Natural Process). Haven't had a good play yet but it smells awesome & Panama Kayser. Will get back to you with a bit more info on both. 
From Coffee Supreme, Colombian San Sebastian & from Market Lane Coffee, a new Yirgacheffe... even better than the last says Trent(Market Lane Trent). That's exciting cause the last one was awesome. 
Also we look forward to a single of the week from Small Batch.  Maybe the Costa Rican La Pira? Lets see what's crackin'. 

So each week we'll have 2 singles from our main guy, Seven Seeds, served only as pour overs. Thru the Synesso we have 2 blends. The house blend is the Seven Seeds Espresso blend, ask for a latte you get this one! The other blend is the Dead Man blend, roaster just for us as we were after something to stand out and contrast the Seven Seeds. This is always going to change, at the moment, there's Beloya in there! Get it here or at Seven Seeds/BBB's. 

And each week we'll have a selection of singles from our fine local roasters, Market Lane Coffee, Supreme Coffee and Small Batch. Served just as pour over, unless someone wants to give us a Clover as well?

Thursday afternoon.... Did he just say he wished he was naked?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Interesting read on natural processed coffee from James Hoffman

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Nice recognition. Wallpaper Design Awards 2010 Best coffee - Seven Seeds. Congrats Mark & Bridge... and Michael, & Toby & J Diddy & Caleb & Talor & Alex & Kate & Bec & Cam & Charlotte & Marina & that other guy & what's her name & ..... 
Our variety of singles on offer now. Check it out!. Tomorrow we might do a little roast off. Seven Seeds Kenya Monarch Vs Coffee Supreme Kenyan Monarch. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

This week from Market Lane Coffee we have Costa Rica La Candelilla.