Thursday, September 23, 2010

We've been wanting to grown our own herbs for a while now. Originally we went down another avenue of having a landscape architect design a roof garden which was all encompassing and impressive but more expensive. Then we found these guys and it was 'yeh that's what we need!'. The Little Veggie Patch Co Have a look at their website. They've done veggie gardens for Church St Enoteca and Stokehouse. And good bang for you buck as well. 
So here's some pics of day one. In about 2 weeks all staff will get together and plant the first seeds. We are all so excited to grow our own herbs, lettuce and maybe tomatoes. Thanks Fabian & John. If there are any cafes all even folks at home that want to start growing their own I would definitely recommend these chaps. Cause it's more than just dirt and seeds, you need your right PH levels, make sure there's enough nitrogen and then you need some magic worm poo.. I think that sounds right... was trying to keep up with Fabian. We have definitely got one of the best backdrops of any herb garden around. Come on Summer!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Our current Dead Man Jams:

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Here's a wee snapshot of some potential new dishes for lunch. Stay tuned and hopefully we will have finalised them this week. 
Yeh spring time! Jo getting stuck into the broad beans

I was going to put this photo on the blog highlighting her enthusiasm but thought not as it might embarrass her

Broad beans & Asparagus, part of a new dish

Not finish yet but here's a sneak peak, broad bean quenelle's & asparagus. ... need another something, got some ideas, try them out tomorrow

Almost done. Herbed crumbed chicken schnitzel with appleslaw...

This baby needed something else but first must find the right product and supplier. 

So after sampling lots of new dishes this could be the favourite. Birds nest rosti w poached eggs, sprouts and ash goats  cheese. We added some cherry truss tomatoes as the juice blended nicely with the rosti... but might look at other alternatives (though I'm pretty happy with they way it is!)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

An awesome latte art smackdown by Market Lane last night with funds raised going to Coffee Kids. 
Some of the Dead Man Crew

Michael Vs Baptiste of il Fornia

Cale on the left from Duchess of Spotswood

Matt from Market Lane Vs Johnno from St Ali

A guy from Korea flying in just for the Market Lane Smackdown?

Toshi of Market Lane Vs Cam of BBB/Seven Seeds & MC Dave Makin of Axil Coffee Roasters

Not sure if these were their coffees but it was one of the closest battles. Toshi just nudging out Cam

Will of Auction Rooms making it thru to the next round. 

A coupla beers later and Nellie of Dead Man jumps in as a wildcard. Also to represent the outnumbered girls. 

Jake of Auction Rooms Vs Jason of Market Lane. Recall this was a close one. Jason through. 

TayTay of Seven Seeds and 1963

Beer supplied by Stone & Wood & prizes by Crumpler

The Judges, Fleur of Market Lane, Mark of Seven Seeds and me...

...who for some reason kept misjudging the distance between his finger and the coffee. I blame Stone & Wood.

The semi-finalists

And the winner... Toshi of Market Lane. (such a pimp these days)Dead Man wants to thank Market Lane for putting on such a great event. Good turnout & Good Vibe. Love those guys. They raised $1700 for Coffee Kids. Stay tuned for Toshi's next event where he holds a fundraiser for 'Our right to hunt Foxes'

....the phantom barista...